Block Research Group (BRG) of ETH Zurich and Computation and Design (CODE) group of Zaha Hadid Architects, with Incremental3d.
Made possible by Holcim. 

Striatus meets the challenges facing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry by demonstrating a responsible way to design with one of its most widely-used and enduring materials - concrete. To do so, we draw from and computationally enhance one of its most ancient wisdoms - masonry construction. Furthermore, we intended a targeted use of the rapidly maturing technology of robotic 3D printing of concrete, integrated design-to-construction methodologies, and multidisciplinary, collaborative authorship to achieve these goals of responsible design.

project video

Striatus - 3D Concrete Printed Masonry Bridge, Venice, 2021 from Block Research Group on Vimeo.

project page

Integrated design to construction

A common language of geometry and computation

  • allows for the alignment of core competencies across design, engineering, fabrication and construction. 
  • enables the development of simple, task-specific tool chains that effectively coordinate information across the digital design to robotic production processes. 
  • enables open-source and collaborative assimilation of innovation and discovery.

This is in stark contrast to existing AEC tools that are oriented towards legacy modes of siloed design and drawing-based information coordination.

Influential ideas and reseachers

computational geometry, masonry, shell structures, computer graphics etc.

A brief, non-exhaustive list of researchers, and/or their work, that have deeply influenced me, the work in my PhD on shape design for 3d concrete printing and my contributions to Striatus. Some humble contributions included for any others venturing down the path.

**Strength through geometry, shell structures, masonry etc **

** Mesh-based Geometry processing, computer graphics etc**

**Architectural geometry, subdivision surfaces etc **

** masonry, FRep, interpolation etc**

**humble contributions**